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WE are a group of followers of Jesus Christ who seek to worship God with genuine and joyful hearts. We are not perfect people. We are a people who live in daily dependance on God’s grace. We base our approval from God not on our works or failures but by turning from our rebellion against God and trusting in what Jesus has done on our behalf.

If you choose to gather with us, we hope to demonstrate our love for Jesus Christ in how we worship together and interact with one another. If you are a fellow disciple of Christ, worship with us! If you are a skeptic of God or curious about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, we pray that through the preaching of the gospel and our loving interactions with you, that God will reveal himself to you.


What to expect


We are a casual people with a reverence for God in corporate worship. Therefore, we care more about our attitudes and hearts in worship than our dress code. You will find most people dressing in business casual, although some wear suits and some wear jeans, and our pastor has preached wearing both.


  • Our worship service is filled with meditation, singing, praying, giving, reading Scripture, and preaching from the Bible.
  • Our songs contain a mixture of older hymns and contemporary choruses with an emphasis being placed on whether the song is singable for the congregation or not. In our song selections, we care less about style and more about the theological content of the song.
  • Our pastor preaches primarily from the English Standard Version (ESV), although we recognize there are other valid and helpful translations. He prepares expositional sermons where the main point of the text is the main point of his sermon with direct application for the congregation. Since we believe the Bible to be a direct and perfect word from God, we place the preaching of God’s word as central in the service. We are the people of God wanting to hear from God through the preaching of his Word.