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An early church record book states that

. . .the origin of the church must be attributed to the Holy Spirit accompanying the preaching of the Gospel.” In the summer of 1807 a “colored” preacher from Boston, the Rev. Thomas Paul, was used by God as an instrument of revival in Freeport.

Several converts became convinced that immersion of believers was the only proper form of baptism according to the Scripture. Sarah Dunham and Betty Wesson were baptized on October 8, 1807, and the first Baptist service held on October 11.

On November 20, 1807, a Calvinistic Baptist church of 17 members was organized in the house of Nathan Wesson. Forty-five were baptized within one year. The first meetinghouse was erected in 1809. Those early years were marked by spiritual prosperity, doctrinal differences, and discipline (even some of the founding members and deacons were excluded from fellowship periodically).

Numerous revivals occurred during the history of the church. On one Sunday in 1883 over fifty were baptized.

The second church on the site was dedicated in 1897—a beautiful Gothic structure designed by prominent Maine architect John Calvin Stevens. It was levelled by fire on Sunday morning March 5, 1944.

The present meetinghouse was completed in 1952, and the Christian education building purchased in 1965.

During the last two decades of the 20th century, the church became known for its biblical preaching, joy-filled members, and continued faithfulness to the gospel.

In 2014, Pastor Sandy Williams completed 35 years of ministry and the church began a search for new pastoral leadership. In October of 2015, the church called Donald Thomas to be the new pastor.

We want to be biblical, evangelical Christians who speak and live the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Each and every year, we recommit ourselves to Christ and his kingdom—working for the peace and unity of the church, the faithful proclamation of the gospel, and the good of society.